Collection of Accounts Receivables

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Collection of ReceivablesOur process of debt collection revolves around the individual needs of our clients, while maintaining positive consumer relationships.

Our debt collection processes are handled on a contingency fee basis.


Medical Billing Early Out

Self Pay/Patient Responsibility medical billing and reimbursements. Designed to be a payment bridge that maintains the patient relationship before any primary debt collection efforts.

Commercial Pre-Collections

Help creditors clean up their accounts receivables portfolio with letter and call campaigns in the client’s name.

Primary debt Collections

Debt collection of aged accounts. Our proprietary accounts receivable management software and skip tracing methods allow us to employ strategies for consistent comprehensive debt collection methods on all accounts placed. Some methods include waterfall skip tracing, loop to group placements, predictive dialing and stage lettering.

Secondary debt Collections

This is an additional opportunity for clients to place past due accounts that have not gotten the attention they deserve while with another debt collection agency. Many long time clients used these accounts initially to compare and contrast us against their current debt collection agency. We welcome the challenge.