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Collection and strategic accounts receivables management solutionsEmpowering your business office with increased cash flowSeamless solutions to increase net revenues

Since 1953, Time Tested Success!

CB Services, Inc. is the foremost collection and strategic accounts receivable management partner available. Owners, executives, practice managers, doctors, attorneys, accountants, banks and government agencies rely on us for the insight and information needed to make critical decisions about their accounts receivables.

We recover our clients’ money quickly and efficiently. Our value-added strategic advisory services combined with our proven collection solutions seamlessly facilitate increased cash flows into increased profits.

There is not a more credible, proven and trusted partner in the accounts receivable industry than CB Services, Inc.

Associations and Accreditation

• ACA International
• Florida Collectors Association
• Healthcare Financial Management Association
• Consumer Data Industry Association
• Chamber of Commerce
• Better Business Bureau
• Licensed Equifax Broker and Reporting Agency
• Cyber Liability Certified and Insured
• Bonded and Licensed

CB Services, Inc. takes all Federal & State laws very seriously.
FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practice Act) & HIPAA compliant.